1. Apollo & Rocky
    Moyo D & Ecliptic Shadow

    7 Oddz x DJ-M1

  3. Righteous Objectives
    Tony Patagonia

  4. Rap Resume (prod. By Bofaat)
    Tony Patagonia

  5. Hermandad
    DoomsDay x Custom Made

  6. DoomTek
    DreamTek & DoomsDay Araiza

  7. Avant Garde
    Tony Patagonia

  8. Summer Windchill

  9. Bendito Sea Hip Hop
    Tony Patagonia x Nies Beats

  10. Fallout Shelter Sessions (7-14-2019)

  11. Rest Easy

  12. Theme Music (Prod. By Max Julian)

  13. Nothin' New Under the Sun
    Clever One x B.B.Z Darney

  14. When The Other Shoe Drops
    Roy Hobes

  15. In Full Effect
    Billie Dee Boodah

  16. Oh Yea!!!
    The Cult Leaders

  17. Radio Novelas
    DoomsDay Araiza

  18. Odd Man Out

  19. Black Temple 21
    Black Temple 21

  20. Lone Wolf and Cub
    Billie Dee Boodah and Roy Hobes

  21. El Autor
    Tony Patagonia

  22. Chemical Reaction

  23. The Wizard Of Oddz

  24. Fallout Shelter Sessions

  25. Scale King Syndicate
    Tony Patagonia

  26. Calamity
    Seven Oddities Records x B.B.Z. Darney

  27. Out For Blood Vol. 3 (Chapter 4)

  28. Out For Blood Vol. 3 (Chapter 3)

  29. Wild Seed
    Clever One

  30. Out For Blood Vol. 3 (Chapter 2)

  31. Out For Blood Vol. 3 (Chapter 1)

  32. Old Fashioned Hip-Hop
    Seven Oddz x Aromotherapy

  33. Colossus
    Roy Hobes

  34. No Me Conocen
    DoomsDay Araiza

  35. The Takeover EP
    Seven Oddities Records x Crate Divizion

  36. Art of the Hustle
    Tony Patagonia x 5th Element

  37. Let's Build EP
    DJ Limbs x Clever One

  38. Tek the Terrible

  39. Paradox of a Mastermind
    Tony Patagonia & Prone Da BeatMurder

  40. The Bassment Tapes Vol. 1: Write To Remain Violent
    Epidemic & DreamTek

  41. Chicago Native

  42. Life's a Blur Mixtape
    Clever One

  43. 40oz Kings EP

  44. The Ugly Face EP


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